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  Step 1 -  Start out with one or two of the Top 6 travel websites.

  Input your itinerary and get a base price.  If you need a flight & hotel, check the price for them separately and as a package.
  If your travel is flexible – experiment with different dates and times – prices can vary substantially on different dates.  When
  you click on a link from GoPert, it will open the site in a separate browser window.  Keep the windows open so you can
  compare back and forth.

   Step 2 -  Compare your itinerary in the “Other Travel Websites” section.

  The travel search engines like Kayak will give you a good idea of what’s available.  Trip Advisor is a great place to get
  customer reviews and ratings on hotels and the vacation sites often offer package deals and specials.  Remember to keep
  the browser windows open from the sites you find useful for easy comparison.

   Step 3 -  Compare your itinerary at the individual Company’s website from the Airline, Hotel,
                      Car Rental and Cruise Lines section.

(Example:  If your best deal is from Orbitz and they have you flying on Delta, click on Delta in the Airline
Websites section to go directly to Delta’s website or if Hotels.com recommended a Hilton that you liked,
click on the Hilton Link in the Hotel Websites section and compare the prices.)

  Many times this is where you will find your best deals because companies often offer specials like “low price guarantees”
  and “no booking fees” from their own sites.

   Step 4 -  Compare your results - Book the best deal & Remember to add GoPert.com to your
                       favorites for easy travel reservations online.


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